Savonarola chairs
 Savonarola chairs
 Savonarola chairs
 Savonarola chairs
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Savonarola chairs

Walnut Savonarolas, folding, restored in perfect condition. Both Savonarola chairs have the representation of the monk in the central part of the backrest. Like all Savonarola chairs has a frame like an X viewed from the front or the side originated in medieval Italy. Pulling away the back of the chair,the Savonarolas can close the two sides of the surface on it self.All the surface is covered with sacred and profane reliefs . The price is intended for single Savonarola chair and can be sold in pairs or individually. Also known as a Savonarola or Dante chair in Italy, or a Luther chair in Germany, the X-chair was a light and practical form that spread through Renaissance Europe. In England, the Glastonbury chair made an X-shape by crossing the front and back legs, while in Spain X-chairs were inlaid with ivory and metals in the Moorish designs. The use of the name Savonarola chair comes from a nineteenth-century trade term evoking Girolamo Savonarola, is a folding armchair of the type standardized during the Italian Renaissance. The chair in the illustration consists of a wooden flat-arched back rail carved with a coat-of-arms in low relief, and connected to the back of the straight arms of the chair and a seat made of narrowly-fitted wooden slats. The wood used in construction of the chair is the typical walnut, as in other gothic and renaissance furniture.

Price: 3.450,00 euro

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Width: 90 cm | 35.43 inches

Height: 130 cm | 51.18 inches

Depth: 73 cm | 28.74 inches

Weight: 0.019 kg | 0.04 Pounds

Age: 1790

Condition: Restored

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