Old safe
 Old safe
 Old safe
 Old safe
 Old safe
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Old safe

Old safe in iron with double inside old lock that allows ,in case of forcing the hinges, the complete stability of the door . This used safe appears to be 100 kg weight. This security safe has a brass handle as the old lock and the plaque , attesting this metal safe to the company S Griffiths & Sons from Walverhampton. History of antiques safes: At the beginning of the nineteenth century with the rise of the bourgeoisie increased demand for systems to protect money. Thanks to modern industry developing so many manufacturers began to market and build the first modern safes. The combination safes made ​​their appearance in the United States before the Civil War even though closing mechanisms based on the alignment of sequences of letters and / or numbers are reported in Europe in earlier periods. The objective of the industrial production in the nineteenth century it was quite hard to get materials to resist cutting and drilling, but flexible enough to withstand when subjected to percussion. In the twentieth century became essential parameters for the inviolability of a safe locks, and the incombustible insulation of the walls;

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Width: 46 cm | 18.11 inches

Height: 66 cm | 25.98 inches

Depth: 43 cm | 16.93 inches

Weight: 100 kg | 220.46 Pounds

Age: 1890

Condition: Restored

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