Antique hall mirrors
 Antique hall mirrors
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Antique hall mirrors

Antique hall mirrors in walnut. Of all the beautiful mirrors available this mirrows is the most decorated. A mask carved in the wood is covered with the top three leaves. This makeup mirror is not part of a console with mirror. And 'decorated with floral paintings that are also repeated at the top and bottom.In the second half of the nineteenth century the cost of the mirrors fell dramatically thanks to a new manufacturing process, the silver: with a solution of tartaric acid and ammonia are fixed to the glass of nitrate of silver, and glass was then covered with shellac .Mirrors are manufactured by applying a reflective coating to a suitable substrate. The most common substrate is glass, due to its transparency, ease of fabrication, rigidity, hardness, and ability to take a smooth finish. The reflective coating is typically applied to the back surface of the glass, so that the reflecting side of the coating is protected from corrosion and accidental damage by the glass on one side and the coating itself and optional paint for further protection on the other.The method of making mirrors out of plate glass was invented by 16th-century Venetian glassmakers on the island of Murano, who covered the back of the glass with mercury, obtaining near-perfect and undistorted reflection. For over one hundred years, Venetian mirrors installed in richly decorated frames served as luxury decorations for palaces throughout Europe, but the secret of the mercury process eventually arrived in London and Paris during the 17th century, due to industrial espionage.

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Width: 120 cm | 47.24 inches

Height: 160 cm | 62.99 inches

Depth: 10 cm | 3.94 inches

Weight: 30 kg | 66.14 Pounds

Age: 1910

Condition: Restored

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