Antique spinning wheel
 Antique spinning wheel
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Antique spinning wheel

Antique spinning wheel . The spinning wheels replaced the earlier method of hand spinning with a spindle. The first stage in mechanizing the spinning fibers was mounting the spindle horizontally so it could be rotated by a cord encircling a large, hand-driven wheel. The great wheel is an example of this type, where the fiber is held in the left hand and the wheel slowly turned with the right. Holding the fiber at a slight angle to the spindle produced the necessary twist.The spun yarn was then wound onto the spindle by moving it so as to form a right angle with the spindle. This type of wheel, while known in Europe by the 14th century, was not in general use until later. It ultimately was used there to spin a variety of yarns until the beginning of the 19th century and the mechanization of spinning trought wheels spinning and antique sewing machines.

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Width: 27 cm | 10.63 inches

Height: 77 cm | 30.31 inches

Depth: 40 cm | 15.75 inches

Weight: 1.9 kg | 4.19 Pounds

Age: 1890

Condition: To be Restored

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